Who the heck is Edgar? Well, I was born in Mexico City. I grew up surrounded by art, music and inspiring words from my father – one of the most important contemporary poets in Mexico. Those elements shaped my personality and after a few good experiences in the music world, I decided to work in advertising. Why?? Because I like it.

I hold a BA in Communication Arts from Universidad del Valle de Mexico and I’ve worked for really cool agencies such as Clemente Cámara (Mexico City), MD&A (New Port Beach, CA), The Bravo Group (NYC), Gallegos United, (Huntington Beach, CA), Potter Ruiz (Boston), Casanova- McCann (Costa Mesa, CA), Acento (Santa Monica, CA) and Barú (Culver City, CA). I’m a U.S. Citizen, I’m bicultural, I have a ’75 Fender Jazz Bass and in my free time I make my own beer. Wanna try it?